The Wisdom Behind Home Phone And Internet Packages

Some things
just got to go, but never your means to stay connected with the rest of the

With the way
and the speed by which the world transmit information and connect people, not
having the technology to stay connected can be devastating. Yet, paying for all
the services related to these can be overwhelming. Imagine having separate
bills for the Internet, for a home phone, for the cabled TV and more bills for the
mobile phones. When you find yourself in this quandary, it is time to consider Home phone and internet packages
, and other bundles that ISPs offer in your

You’re Not

This is a
common predicament for consumers and subscribers because nobody wants to be
left out of the loop. There is also that tendency for consumers to pay more when
they deal with several service providers. This is why consumers need to
understand their options.

The good news
is competition has made service providers more acutely aware of this consumer
dilemma. Thus, aside from the increased number of options for connectivity,
competing service providers now also offer Internet and home phone bundles that
can save them money and provide them the convenience off making a single
payment for two services. To better lure consumers, certain service providers
even allow subscribers to customize a bundle of services to better serve their

Check out the
Packages and Know the Benefits

It really
makes sense to take advantage of the home phone and broadband deals that service
providers offer. But, before signing up with any service provider take time to
check out what you are getting.

out about the download limits. Does it meet your daily requirement? If you keep
a job or you like downloading games, music, or movies, then you require higher
limit. Make sure that the usage limit will be enough to satisfactorily meet
your needs. Otherwise, you may just end up paying more for all those extra
downloads beyond your limits.


out too about the speed or connectivity of your Internet. Again, check the
speed against what you actually use and need on a regular basis. You would not
want to sign up in a plan that will not be able to provide you with the
connectivity that you need. Usually there are several options you can choose
from. You can compare these with the deals from the other service providers.


out too about the kind of calls allowed as well as the call limits to landlines
or mobile phones. If you make a lot of phone calls related to your business,
work or you make a lot of calls to a family member living abroad, find out if
the free minutes will be enough for your usual needs. Compare service
providers’ rates per minute for calls made beyond the set limits.


At the end of
the day, estimate the total cost you will incur when you avail any of the home
phone and Internet packages against your total cost now. If there is wisdom and
benefits in the bundle, then by all means go for it. It is just important that
you shop first before signing up with any of the service providers.


This was a guest post by Yvonne Hart. Yvonne Hart is a tech blogger from Australia. Her knowledge about consumer technology is backed up by 8 years working as a marketing professional in an I.T. distribution company. She now works as a consulant for

The Lore About Touch And Type

When The Iphone came,It did away with a physical keypad with its touchscreen and easy to use interface.While this worked really well for the average consumer,businessmen and Corporate professionals found this as an inconvenience as they had to type around 200 smses a day and their fingers were always pressing the wrong button.So they slowly moved to blackberry phones which offered a qwerty keypad.

My point here is that people get carried away with touchscreens.You should

Panini Keypad, an Indian innovation helps mess...

Touch and type

not just buy a device because it is touchsceen. Pick the one which best suits your needs.Businessmen will need touch and type whereas the average consumer would prefer a touchscreen.

Over the years,nokia has introduced a whole new type of touch and type.Its a resistive touch with a  normal keypad.Its not even qwerty.This type of phone is a pure inconvenience.Period.It offers the worst from both worlds.A resistive and not capacitive touch and a normal not qwerty keyboard.So why do people buy these phones?Simply because they must have heard from someone that touch and type is the best of both worlds.This article means to break that belief.

Touch and type is good,But dont get carried away.Pick the phone that suits your needs.

The Galaxy Planet Website Giveaway!

The Galaxy Planet is having a giveaway!!!Yes  thats right!The galaxy Planet is giving away a paid website FOR FREE!!!The winner will win a free paid wordpress website with  FTP access and all the perks!So,what do you need to do to win this?Just submit your name below in the comments and the at the end of this giveaway,we will  have a raffle and contact the winner!Its that simple!!

So,Just submit your name.

This giveaway ends at the new year

How To SEO Optimize Your Site

English: seo block

English: seo block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the era of the internet.From adults to kids to even dogs and cats,everyone has a web presence these days.But it isnt enough to simply have a website.You also need to make it popular,and that can be a monumental task.The best source which can drive internet traffic your way are search engines.Thus,One of the first steps you need to take is to Optimize your site for search engines.Lets dive right in….

Firstly,What is SEO? SEO(Search Engine Optimization)is the process of designing your site in such a way that it gets listed high in search results.Lets take an example.If i search for ‘What is SEO’ on google,ill get about  755,000,000 results.However,no one is going to look through all those results.Users rarely click on links more than the first page.So,SEO lets your site get listed high.But how to go about this?Im here to tell you…

Step 1:-Backlinks

This is the most important step in increasing google pagerank.Try to get as many backlinks as you can!It is the main thing google considers when they rank your site in search results.Sites with more links linking to them are considered more trustworthy,and ranked higher.Its better to have backlinks from sites who themselves have a great number of backlinks.Try to guest blog on other sites.This is a great way to acquire backlinks from them.Even Galaxy Planet has its own provision from guest blogging.

Step 2:-Special Links

Links from sites like wikipedia are considered special.Its very hard to get a backlink from wikipedia.But,If you write a good article and give a link to your website,Google will consider on link from wikipedia as 3 or 4 links from other sites.

Step 3:-Use Social Media

It is very important to link your site to social media.Make sure you create a facebook page,A twitter account and also some myspace and linkedin accounts.Make sure you use plenty of social media buttons on your site.Most search engines consider social media while ranking your site in search results.

Step 4:-Write Quality Content

Its not enough to have lots and lots of content on your website.A website with a few high quality original articles will get ranked much higher than a website with many low quality and copied articles.NEVER COPY ARTICLES from other sites!Search engines will consider them spammy and they will be ranked very low.Also,do not post duplicate posts just to increase the post counter.Search engines are very strict about duplicate posts.They are considered spammy.

Step 5:-Do Not Post Adult Words

Never ever post words related to adult content…NOT EVEN A WORD!!!Search engines might consider them adult sites.So be very careful..Dont even use it for humour.

Step 6:-Link,Link And Link

It is not enough to have a great many backlinks from other sites.Try to link to other sites and improve your articles with citations and sources.This helps both you and other webmasters.

Step 7:-Submit a Sitemap

A Sitemap is an XML Document which helps search engines better navigate your site.Make a sitemap by going to or contact your webhost.Many webhosts have pre generated sitemaps to save you the trouble of creating one and uploading it.

Step 8:-Age

Yes,this is an important factor.As your website becomes older,It ranks better in search and is considered more trustworthy

If you follow all the above steps,You should rank in the top 10 of search results

All you Need To Know About Google Glass

Google’s project glass has been the topic of quite some buzz for some time now.Its undergoing research and development in google labs,And the lab in which it is being developed is called Google X lab.Google aims to create a Head Mounted Display which augments reality to display relative information in real time.It interacts with the internet through voice commands,and the glasses

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Sports the New G...

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Sports the New Google Glasses at Dinner in the Dark, a Benefit for the Foundation Fighting Blindness — San Francisco, CA (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

itself are minimalistic and simple.The operating system used on the google glass will be of course,Android.

Augmented Reality Glasses are not a new idea at all,but Google glass has managed to draw plenty of attention to itself,mainly because its being backed by Google.Google glass is a very slim device,And…as for when it will be available to the public,The current date is not yet known,However,the glasses are expected to come out be June next year.Prce?1,500$ for the current developer edition.


Raspberry Pi Is Going To Get A New Camera

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi (Photo credit: CesarCardoso)

The Galaxy Planet did a article a few weeks back about the raspberry PI.Now,Its going to get a camera!Yes,the raspberry pi,the credit card sized computer,is going to get a 5 megapixel shooter.It will be capable of 1080p HD and 30 frames per second!Thats quite a lot,considering that the camera will not be bigger than a thumbpin.The Prototype was showcased at Electronica 2012 and was attached using scotch tape.A proper mount will be provided late,they said.,..

Gangnam Style Becomes Most Watched Video!

The Korean pop number Gangnam Style has surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby to become the most watched video on youtube!The video jumped from  0 views to 805 million views in just five months,which is much lesser than bieber’s


Gangnam_Style_PSY_28logo (Photo credit: KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea)

video,which has been around since 2010.Psy’s phenomenal rise from a hit national singer to an international sensation is the stuff of legends.Gangnam style looks to exceed 1 billion views before the end of december if it keeps on being viewed at the current rate.That would certainly be something to talk about.
This just goes to prove that music has no language…..

New Tech Lets Govt Tap Into Skype Chat

New eavesdropping technology could allow government agencies to ‘silently record’ conversations on internet chat services like Skype. Until now, so called voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services have been difficult to tap into, because of the way they send information over the web.

The services convert analogue audio signals into digital data packets, which are then sent in a way that is costly and complex for third parties to intercept, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. But now a California businessman has obtained a patent for a ‘legal intercept’ technology he said “would allow governments to silently record” VoIPcommunications”.

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Dennis Chang, president of VoIP-PAL , a chat service similar to Skype, claims his system would allow authorities to identify and monitor suspects merely by accessing their username and subscriber data. According to the patent, they could also be tracked down by billing records that associate names and addresses with usernames.

This would make not only audio conversations but ‘any other data streams such as pure data and/or video or multimedia data’ open for interception.

So,safeguard your privacy today..before its too late….

9 Year Old’ Laptop Seized For Visiting Piratebay

Unbelieveable but true! A nine year

Logo shown on The Pirate Bay homepage after th...

Logo shown on The Pirate Bay homepage after the May 2006 police raid in Sweden, written as “Hollywood’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

old child in finland recently had his Winnie the pooh laptop seized for visiting piratebay,which had been banned in finland.Police apparently raided the house and were shocked to find a juvenile when they were expecting a hurly burly criminal.The child’s father had to cough up 600€ to avoid prosecution.