Apple Ipad Mini Launched!!

After achieving huge success with the ‘New Ipad’,Apple launched the mini version of its world famous 10 inch slate today.Unless youve been living under a rock you might have already heard of this whole Ipad mini thing.After conquering the 10 inch tablet category apple is now moving to try and dominate the 7 inch tablet market too.What remains to be seen is whether Apple will succeed in this category too.Apple launched the 1st generation ipad at a time when the tablet rage hadnt started and didnt have much competition at that time.After catching on as the latest rage,apple went on to dominate the 10 inch tablet market.The 7.9 inch slate is apple’s first major release since the founder steve Jobs death.


ipad-mini (Photo credit:

The ipad mini is being launched pretty late and the competitors have already filled the market with their offerings.The average consumer who would have already bought a tablet will naturally be reluctant to invest in another even though its an apple product.There are always high expectations from any apple product and the ipad mini is no exception.The launch event wasnt a great success.It attracted fewer crowds than previous apple launches but it still attracted hundreds of new yorkers who flocked to the event just after recovering from the assault of hurricane sandy Will the ipad mini fever catch on?Lets wait and see……


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