Five Ways To Use Dropbox

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If you havent been living under a rock,you would probably have heard about dropbox and know what exactly it does.But apart from basic sync,Dropbox can also be utilized for music,games and that is what I am going to cover in this article.

Cloud Based Music

Yes,there are already apps like mougg which do the very same thing but why do you need another app when you can use dropbox.After uploading your music collection to your dropbox it is instantly accessible on your computer,laptop,phone and any other platform which has dropbox installed


Games are evergreen and are enjoyed by all.Now take this scenario:You are away from your computer and all you have is a internet connection.Not able to play a call of duty slugfest,you are bored.Heres where dropbox comes into play.Upload portable games to dropbox from or such sites and youll never have a dull moment again

Make a backup

If you are like any businessman you would probably be paranoid about losing you data.Taking backups is simplifies with dropbox.Just drop your backup into the dropbox folder and it will immediately sync to the cloud.On your phone,Titanium Backup can do this for you.
You can also sync contacts to dropbox

Camera Upload

Dropbox offers a free service called camera upload.Images in your dropbox are 100% secure and you dont need to worry about computer crashes or data loss.Dropbox also offers up to 3 GB of free space for camera upload!!
File Hosting

Many dont realise this but dropbox provides a excellent hosting service by means of a public folder in your dropbox.Just copy anything there and click copy public link or long press on the file and click copy link.The link will now direct all users(Even non-Dropbox users)To your file.It is instantly accessible all over the world.Isnt that great?

How do You use your dropbox?Write below!


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