Microsoft Windows Phone

Microsoft Windows Phone is Microsoft’s best(and probably last)attempt at catching up on the mobile OS space,a market long lost to google and apple.With a radicle new user interface called ‘metro’ and high end minimum hardware specifications,The Windows Phone Os has a lot of potential.Lets dive deep into microsoft windows phone and explore what exactly makes this platform new.


The First thing you would notice when you buy a new windows phone is its user interface.Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure its new OS is beautiful to look at and intuitive to use.The Live tile based ui is absolutely gorgeous and a Wp feels alive and vibrant,ready for action.Its  not at all like a boring static grid of icons.

Window Phone 7.5

Window Phone Live Tiles

The Second most important decision microsoft has made is to  emphasise gaming.By keeping the hardware specs high enough,Microsoft has ensured that any windows phone will  be fast and you wont feel lag in any games.There is a dedicated gaming hub which integrates Xbox live into your gaming experience.


Xbox Live logo since 2005

Xbox Live

Windows Phone centers its experience around hubs.There is dedicated hub  for every major function of the phone.The Ui is panoramic and comprises of 4 to 5 screens in each hub.

The Marketplace is where windows phone loses out to its competitors.The marketplace is poorly designed and paid apps can only be purchased through a micropayment system calles microsoft points.The marketplace app on the phone is poor and you need to access it via pc to actually understand whats going on.The app numbers are poor on the Wp store and android and apple have a huge advantage in this regard.Microsoft really need to improve on this as it is mainly for the apps that eople buy a phone.





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