Ninjump Deluxe Review

The deluxe version of the wildly popular onebutton game ninjump improves on the original classic by adding new locations,powerups,characters and boosts.The basic concept and core gameplay mechanics are the same with just a new skin or new look to it.It currently offers three locations i.e the jungle,pirate ship and castle.Each location has its own enemies and offers a fun experience.There is a fourth one in the works.The game itself is phenomenal and it features the usual papaya leaderboards that almost every game from backflip studios has.The game runs and plays well,even with one or two apps open in the background.It offers hours of fun and is not something you will get bored of in a hurry.One thing missing from the game is a shop,which will hopefully be added in coming updates.It also offers the feature of sharing your scores.The game is taxing on storage,weighing in at 32 mb.Which is a lot especially for low end phones.Ninjump deluxe is cross platform,Available for both android and ios.
Overall,Ninjump deluxe is recommended for ninjump fans and people with high end phones. casual gamers will be content with the normal version.


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