5 Awesome Free Windows Utilities

If there is one thing everyone wants,its free software.And most of the free software for windows is a must have.I list some below


Forget Data Loss.Recuva lets you recover deleted photos,videos,files and much more!So go ahead and live a worry free life.Recuva has your back.Best Part?Its Free!!!


Winrar is a powerful .rar archiver which also supports non rar archives like .zip,.iso etc.Winrar is packed with features like encryption and much more!Get it now!!

3.VLC Media Player

Vlc media player is a player which is famous for its support for nearly all codecs.Made by VideoLan,Its free to use!You will never need windows media player again


Ccleaner is a freeware utility which cleans all unnecessary files and boosts your system’s speed.Its a must have for any speed freak!

5.Google Chrome

Google chrome is the speediest browser till date.It also has a chrome app store.With Sandboxed Tabs and HTML% support,Its probably the best in the market.Need I say more?




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