5 Free Games You Must Play!

Many games,which are either developed by indie developers because of their passion,or are distributed for free after the company relenquishes the rights to the game,are really quite good and definitely worth having on your computer.We list some of them for you…


Facade takes a radical new approach to gaming by introducing a AI personality.You can speak to the AI without dialogue trees.You can type the text yourself.The game has several different endings and the game progresses on what you say,when you say and how you say.Download it here

2.Battle For Wesnoth

This turn based game has been under active development for quite a while.Its an awesome game for fans of the genre.Get it here

Toribash is an innovative fighting game based on the physics sandbox model where YOU design the moves!Isnt that awesome??Get it herenow

Two genre defining games from completely different eras: Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. and Valve’s Portal. These two games managed to give Platformers and First-Person Puzzle Games a solid place in the video game world. But what if Nintendo teamed up with Valve and recreated the famous Mario game with Portal gun mechanics?You get6 Mari0.Get it here

5.Beneath a Steel Sky
Beneath a steel sky is an awesome free adventure.Search it on google


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