Happy Birthday Android!

Bring out the festoons,inflate the balloons and hang the paper chains for today is a special day!!It was exactly on this day,five years ago,that the open handset alliance led by google,introduced a new player in the mobile os space.Its name?…….Android.Yes you heard me right!Its officially android’s fifth birthday!Built from the ground up by the OHA,Android was intended to be a truly open operating system that can take advantage of all the hardware has to offer.Over the years,android has grown phenomenally.From android 1.5 cupcake to the current android 4.1 jellybean,Android has just gotten bigger and better with each update.Android is now way ahead of most of the competition and dare i say it?ios itself! From the home screen and sideloading to the widgets we’ve all come to love,Android is a mobile os giant and there is no arguing with that.The no of apps on Gplay now rival apple’s own app store.
So,on behalf of the galaxy planet,i wish you a very happy 5th birthday,Android!


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