Windows 8 Redifines the windows OS

Windows 8 Presentation

Windows 8 Presentation (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

WIndows 8 is finally here!After much waiting,microsoft has finally released the next version of its world-famous windows os.Vista was really a step backwards from Xp and 7 just tried to repair the damage done by vista,but 8 is great!!!It redifines what an OS is and even goes so far as to implement an app store!The windows marketplace is  now fully functional and hosts plenty of apps,including fruit ninja and jetpack joyride.There is likely to be a torrent of development for windows 8,with all developers rushing to be a part of the windows 8 bandwagon.Its radical new live tile based metro ui is a complete shift from the age old windows desktop,taskbar and static icons.Its primarily meant for touchscreen pc’s but works on non touch computers as well.So,will you upgrade?Tell us below..


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