A Wise man once said’Dont judge a book by its cover’But people did and this gave rise to a marketing strategy called repackaging.Repackaging is a concept used very frequently by companies these days.Its the concept of packaging the old product in a new cover,with just a few modifications here and there.People still buy it,ignorant of the fact that its old junk in a new package.I thought its time people learn of this concept and wise up a little to this marketing strategy.

Lets take an example to better understand this concept.Take the recent samsung galaxy note 2.Its basically a samsung s3 with a stylus and a bigger screen thrown ijn.Therearent even that many apps that utilize the stylus as its very old and outdated.So why buy it?There are already apps that offer multiscreen on a normal android phone.Theres no need to get a note 2 for that!But,people get influenced by the commercial and the new live wallpaper and decide to go for it,thus making a fool of themselves.

There are side effects to this new trend.As people are not able  to tell the difference between repackaging and a good product,its cutting innovation.Apple is the main culprit here.Instead of coming out with a totally innovative product like they used to before Steve Jobs Death,Apple is now resorting to repackaging..The Iphone 5 was nothing great or innovative.The Ipad mini is also just a repackaged ipad2 with a smaller screen.Ill cover more of this in a new article.

So,wise up,consumers!Wake up and smell the roses!Learn to tell the difference between a repackaged product and a new one!


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