GTA Vice city Coming To Android And IOS!

Grand theft auto vice city is now going to release on the android and ios!The mobile port is said to be an authentic gta experience on your smartphone.


Plants vs Zombies Sequel Coming Soon!

PopCap’s enormously popular flora and fauna tower defense game plants vs zombies is going to be getting a sequel,PopCap confirmed last week.The game,named plants vs zombies garden warfare is said to feature more plants,more

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

zombies and mulch more!

Plants vs zombies,which launched last year to rave reviews from both users and gaming sites,is now set to become better and better.This was the press release:”Spring is crullest curlie ungood time, and plantz grow dull roots. So, we are meating you for brainz at yore house. No worry to skedule schedlue plan… we’re freee anytime. We’ll find you.”

So,if you havent played it already get PvZ Today!!


Apple Stock Crashes to New Low

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Its Apple news time again folks!Now,Apple’s Stock has crashed down to a new low.The Galaxy Planet did story a few days back about how apple was on the downslide.Now its no longer a unbelieveable theory.Apple’s  stock has been steadily decreasing in value since the launch of the iphone5.Shares have now gone down by twenty five percent and the fall doesnt show any signs of abating anytime soon.Today apple’s stocks were at a six month low.

But Apple is still a force to reckon with!Dont think for a moment that apple cant recover!Dont count apple out of the game yet….there might be more to come………………….

Dropbox Adds New Integration

DropBox - sharebox

DropBox – sharebox (Photo credit: eugeniot)

When Dropbox integrated with Facebook Groups, We all gave dropbox a big pat on the back.However dropbox apis have now been further advanced, Now any developer can integrate Dropbox for easily sharing files stored in the box.Instead of posting attachments, Developers can now get it hosted on the cloud.And since the file is not hosted by any particular file hoster, every time you update the file in your dropbox it’s automatically updated for everyone else too. Isnt that great?

Asana has already utilised this new feature and many more devs will soon.

Hitman Pro: The Second Opinion

Hitman Pro is a second opinion malware scanner.That means that it is not a real time scanner,but works on demand.It is designed not to conflict with other security programs and is targeted at those kind of people who feel that one antivirus is just not enough.It works very well with a high malware detection rate and is very fast.It is cloud based and works via scancloud.If ever you feel that your primary antivirus has not detected something,then hitman pro is the man for the job!The best part about hitman is that it never really installs on your computer.Its portable and can be carried on a pendrive or cd.Its a 8 mb download and you can get it Here

Google Play Music Reaches More Countries

Google Play Music

Google Play Music (Photo credit: kengo)

Google play’s

popular music service is now expanding to reach more countries.It now offers a new app which offers gapless playback  and smooth transitions between songs.The app now automatically generates Instant Mixes and allows the user to cache all types of songs.If youre fed up with the stock android music player,then its time to download this app today.

Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft

Microsoft’s long serving execu


tive,Steven Sinofsky has left the company.Julie Larson Green ,who was head of Internet Explorer and Office will now pick up the mantle of leadership from where Sinofsky left off and will head all development of WIndows,effective

Image representing Steven Sinofsky as depicted...

Steven Sinofsky

immediately.Tami Reller is now head of the marketing and business front of Windows.Microsoft is down by a very iconic leader,and has to dust it off and get back on track.Microsoft has declined to talk to the media on how or why he left.To clear up things,Sinofsky wrote a letter clarifying things.Here is the complete unedited letter: Continue reading

Is Apple On The Downslide?

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

A follow up to this post was posted on Mrappbrain. You can read that too for more information.

Apple..A World leader in technology….A innovative company…..A Tech Icon..But is it beginning to lose its sheen?Is a maggot growing in the apple?Yes Dear reader..Apple may be on downslide after Steve Jobs Death.Read On….

There was a time when phones were nothing more than calling devices and the iphone didnt even exist.Yes,Take it from me,There was such a time.But Then came Apple..and revolutionised a industry with the iphone in 2007..Not willing to rest on its laurels,Apple continued to innovate and gave the world iis iPad in 2010.Apple continued to go from strength to strength,and it seemed that apple could do no wrong.

But..The came the day October 5,2011,The Day Which rocked Apple to its core.It was the day the legendary Steve Jobs Died..After losing The duo popularly referred to as ‘The Two Pillars of Apple Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak,Apple seemed be be unable to innovate.Every new apple product is thinner and perhaps lighter,and people have stopped being impressed with that anymore.The Ipad mini is just a Ipad 2 with a smaller screen.There’s no real innovation anymore!Apple maps was a debacle,and it seems that apple has finally learnt the meaning of the word ‘Failiure’.The Iphone 5 stinks of low innovation.The sense of Euphoria people normally relate to Apple products is Evaporating.

The Competition is another factor,Apple launched the Ipad and Iphone at a time when there was little or no competition and after it launched the Iproducts,The Competition was left playing catch up.But a year or two after the iphone,The competition woke up.Samsung has now finally beaten the iphone with its S3 and Android ICS is beating ios in the os space.

Tim Cook and His team seem to be just monetizing a fan base created by Steve Jobs and Wozniak.Nothing lasts forever except change and Apple had better innovate if it wants to last….


A Wise man once said’Dont judge a book by its cover’But people did and this gave rise to a marketing strategy called repackaging.Repackaging is a concept used very frequently by companies these days.Its the concept of packaging the old product in a new cover,with just a few modifications here and there.People still buy it,ignorant of the fact that its old junk in a new package.I thought its time people learn of this concept and wise up a little to this marketing strategy.

Lets take an example to better understand this concept.Take the recent samsung galaxy note 2.Its basically a samsung s3 with a stylus and a bigger screen thrown ijn.Therearent even that many apps that utilize the stylus as its very old and outdated.So why buy it?There are already apps that offer multiscreen on a normal android phone.Theres no need to get a note 2 for that!But,people get influenced by the commercial and the new live wallpaper and decide to go for it,thus making a fool of themselves.

There are side effects to this new trend.As people are not able  to tell the difference between repackaging and a good product,its cutting innovation.Apple is the main culprit here.Instead of coming out with a totally innovative product like they used to before Steve Jobs Death,Apple is now resorting to repackaging..The Iphone 5 was nothing great or innovative.The Ipad mini is also just a repackaged ipad2 with a smaller screen.Ill cover more of this in a new article.

So,wise up,consumers!Wake up and smell the roses!Learn to tell the difference between a repackaged product and a new one!