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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung has launched its first sm

Samsung presents ‘Camera, Reborn.’ – the GALAX...

Samsung presents ‘Camera, Reborn.’ – the GALAXY Camera (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)

art camera i.e the samsung galaxy camera.Its a mix of a smartphone and a camera.It has a full touch display at the back and the lens etc at the back.Its currently under a lot of buzz.Its undoubtedly a good innovation but touch cameras will never achieve the kind of charm that those good old hardware buttons have.The device runs android 4.1 under the hood.The device has all the power of Samsung’s flagship series of smartphones, including a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of internal storage. The cellular radios are dropped, while the image quality is, naturally, enhanced. The Galaxy Camera boasts a 16.3MP array with 21x optical zoom and f2.8 lens.It sells at a price tag of 399$ in the UK.

Samsung S3 sales cross 3 million mark!

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Photo credit: Stereopoly Blog)

Just a few days after the Korean smartphone giant samsung’s success with the galaxy note 2,which sold 3 million units recently,samsung has now announced the amazing sales figures of the galaxy S3.The phone sold its 30 millionth unit wordlwide few days ago and that only shows that samsung are not slowing down in anyway after the recent lawsuit with Apple inc.The achievement is a great one considering that the phone hasnt had wordwide availability for a long time. The super successful galaxy line of smartphones just seem to be getting better and better with each new phone.The original galaxy s sold 10 million,its successor the s2 sold 20 million and now the s3 has sold 30 million.All said and done,the galaxy s3 has well lived up to what is expected of a flagship phone from a mega successful company.