The Lore About Touch And Type

When The Iphone came,It did away with a physical keypad with its touchscreen and easy to use interface.While this worked really well for the average consumer,businessmen and Corporate professionals found this as an inconvenience as they had to type around 200 smses a day and their fingers were always pressing the wrong button.So they slowly moved to blackberry phones which offered a qwerty keypad.

My point here is that people get carried away with touchscreens.You should

Panini Keypad, an Indian innovation helps mess...

Touch and type

not just buy a device because it is touchsceen. Pick the one which best suits your needs.Businessmen will need touch and type whereas the average consumer would prefer a touchscreen.

Over the years,nokia has introduced a whole new type of touch and type.Its a resistive touch with a  normal keypad.Its not even qwerty.This type of phone is a pure inconvenience.Period.It offers the worst from both worlds.A resistive and not capacitive touch and a normal not qwerty keyboard.So why do people buy these phones?Simply because they must have heard from someone that touch and type is the best of both worlds.This article means to break that belief.

Touch and type is good,But dont get carried away.Pick the phone that suits your needs.


Apple Stock Crashes to New Low

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Its Apple news time again folks!Now,Apple’s Stock has crashed down to a new low.The Galaxy Planet did story a few days back about how apple was on the downslide.Now its no longer a unbelieveable theory.Apple’s ¬†stock has been steadily decreasing in value since the launch of the iphone5.Shares have now gone down by twenty five percent and the fall doesnt show any signs of abating anytime soon.Today apple’s stocks were at a six month low.

But Apple is still a force to reckon with!Dont think for a moment that apple cant recover!Dont count apple out of the game yet….there might be more to come………………….