The Lore About Touch And Type

When The Iphone came,It did away with a physical keypad with its touchscreen and easy to use interface.While this worked really well for the average consumer,businessmen and Corporate professionals found this as an inconvenience as they had to type around 200 smses a day and their fingers were always pressing the wrong button.So they slowly moved to blackberry phones which offered a qwerty keypad.

My point here is that people get carried away with touchscreens.You should

Panini Keypad, an Indian innovation helps mess...

Touch and type

not just buy a device because it is touchsceen. Pick the one which best suits your needs.Businessmen will need touch and type whereas the average consumer would prefer a touchscreen.

Over the years,nokia has introduced a whole new type of touch and type.Its a resistive touch with a  normal keypad.Its not even qwerty.This type of phone is a pure inconvenience.Period.It offers the worst from both worlds.A resistive and not capacitive touch and a normal not qwerty keyboard.So why do people buy these phones?Simply because they must have heard from someone that touch and type is the best of both worlds.This article means to break that belief.

Touch and type is good,But dont get carried away.Pick the phone that suits your needs.


Samsung S3 is Q3 Champ!

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 - Arriving Soon at ...

The Galaxy S3 has overtaken the iphone 4s to becomke the highest selling smartphone for Q3 2012,says Strategy Analytics.Samsung sold 18 ¬†million S3 ‘s and claimed the spot.Apple shipped 16.2 million for a close second.But there is another factor.THe Iphone 5 has just been released and it pretty popular,to say the least.Will the iphone5 trump the S3 in the next quarter?Its very likely.Samsung will need to pull up their socks if they want to keep the top spot.The S3 has an 11 percent share of all smartphones shipped globally.

Samsung S3 sales cross 3 million mark!

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Photo credit: Stereopoly Blog)

Just a few days after the Korean smartphone giant samsung’s success with the galaxy note 2,which sold 3 million units recently,samsung has now announced the amazing sales figures of the galaxy S3.The phone sold its 30 millionth unit wordlwide few days ago and that only shows that samsung are not slowing down in anyway after the recent lawsuit with Apple inc.The achievement is a great one considering that the phone hasnt had wordwide availability for a long time. The super successful galaxy line of smartphones just seem to be getting better and better with each new phone.The original galaxy s sold 10 million,its successor the s2 sold 20 million and now the s3 has sold 30 million.All said and done,the galaxy s3 has well lived up to what is expected of a flagship phone from a mega successful company.