How To SEO Optimize Your Site

English: seo block

English: seo block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the era of the internet.From adults to kids to even dogs and cats,everyone has a web presence these days.But it isnt enough to simply have a website.You also need to make it popular,and that can be a monumental task.The best source which can drive internet traffic your way are search engines.Thus,One of the first steps you need to take is to Optimize your site for search engines.Lets dive right in….

Firstly,What is SEO? SEO(Search Engine Optimization)is the process of designing your site in such a way that it gets listed high in search results.Lets take an example.If i search for ‘What is SEO’ on google,ill get about¬†¬†755,000,000 results.However,no one is going to look through all those results.Users rarely click on links more than the first page.So,SEO lets your site get listed high.But how to go about this?Im here to tell you…

Step 1:-Backlinks

This is the most important step in increasing google pagerank.Try to get as many backlinks as you can!It is the main thing google considers when they rank your site in search results.Sites with more links linking to them are considered more trustworthy,and ranked higher.Its better to have backlinks from sites who themselves have a great number of backlinks.Try to guest blog on other sites.This is a great way to acquire backlinks from them.Even Galaxy Planet has its own provision from guest blogging.

Step 2:-Special Links

Links from sites like wikipedia are considered special.Its very hard to get a backlink from wikipedia.But,If you write a good article and give a link to your website,Google will consider on link from wikipedia as 3 or 4 links from other sites.

Step 3:-Use Social Media

It is very important to link your site to social media.Make sure you create a facebook page,A twitter account and also some myspace and linkedin accounts.Make sure you use plenty of social media buttons on your site.Most search engines consider social media while ranking your site in search results.

Step 4:-Write Quality Content

Its not enough to have lots and lots of content on your website.A website with a few high quality original articles will get ranked much higher than a website with many low quality and copied articles.NEVER COPY ARTICLES from other sites!Search engines will consider them spammy and they will be ranked very low.Also,do not post duplicate posts just to increase the post counter.Search engines are very strict about duplicate posts.They are considered spammy.

Step 5:-Do Not Post Adult Words

Never ever post words related to adult content…NOT EVEN A WORD!!!Search engines might consider them adult sites.So be very careful..Dont even use it for humour.

Step 6:-Link,Link And Link

It is not enough to have a great many backlinks from other sites.Try to link to other sites and improve your articles with citations and sources.This helps both you and other webmasters.

Step 7:-Submit a Sitemap

A Sitemap is an XML Document which helps search engines better navigate your site.Make a sitemap by going to or contact your webhost.Many webhosts have pre generated sitemaps to save you the trouble of creating one and uploading it.

Step 8:-Age

Yes,this is an important factor.As your website becomes older,It ranks better in search and is considered more trustworthy

If you follow all the above steps,You should rank in the top 10 of search results