Write For Us

Write For Us!

Ever Wanted to write for a technology website? Galaxy Planet has openings for freelance writers.We greatly encourage contributions from our readers and will definitely feature them on our site.We welcome  you to write your posts and opinions on galaxy planet.

There are a great many reasons you may want to write for Galaxy Planet.

1.We’ll give your blog or site three backlinks,thus increasing google pagerank and views.

2.Youll have your name on our site and get famous

3.Youll get credit for your posts and have your name come up when people google the topic

5.We will also give you a complete SEO Report and how you can improve your pagerank.

6.We will list your blog under featured blogs on our site


Send us your article at abhishekpisharody@gmail.com with your name and a photo(Optional).We will evaluate it and if its good and contextually relevant,you should see it published on our site in a few days.If you continue to send us good articles,we will make you a full admin of the site.

Terms And Conditions

Any illegal or adult content will not be published like nudity,piracy,etc.Your post must not be an advertisement for your blog or a product.We also do not allow irrelevant content on our site thereby enhancing the experience for readers.

Copyright And Credit

All copyright and credits will belong to you and not galaxyplanet.com

Happy Blogging!


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